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You can buy direct from us without the various middle men, and you will get the best quality at the best Wholesale Prices.

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Buy Direct From Our Opal Mine


We mine, cut and set our own quality opal in South Australia.

South Australia produces 85% of the world's opal and is known as the Opal Capital of the World.





Although we specialise in opal we also make a range of Australian Sapphire Jewellery.

Opals and opal jewellery and black opals at Australian wholesale prices, inlaid opals, opal information, black opal jewellery, opal rings, opal earrings, opal pins, opal pendants, opal fossils and rare opals, unset opals, Australian opals, rough opals. Australian opals direct from our opal mine at Coober Pedy. Also Lightning Ridge opals.